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Address: 7007 Sea World Dr, Orlando, FL 32821, USA

Tel No : +1 407-545-5550


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Combining up-close animal encounters with entertainment and thrill rides is the recipe at SeaWorld Orlando.

Waterfront at SeaWorld is a five-acre village infused with the sights, sounds, flavor and festivity of the most vibrant cities by the sea.

SeaWorld Orlando creates extraordinary memories with "One Ocean," a show through which visitors witness the awesome power of sea creatures.

On SeaWorld's Manta roller coaster you can experience what it's like to spin, glide and skim like a giant stingray.

Thrill-seekers also enjoy Journey to Atlantis, a wild and fun water-coaster ride through the mysterious lost city; and Wild Arctic, an unforgettable motion-based flight in a "jetcopter" over spectacular, panoramic views of the frozen Artic.
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One Ocean

SeaWorld’s famous killer whale show! Attend this fabulous event and sense the vivid colours, vitality and the rhythms of the ocean. You will struggle to keep pace when you can see the dancing fountains set the stage with these amazing animals, then you realise you are all part of one world, one ocean. If you don’t want to get wet, avoid the splash zone.
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Sea Lion High: The New Class

Sea Lion High: The New Class is located in Sea Lion and Otter Stadium. Clyde and Seamore go back to school to get their diplomas, but its a slippery road.. Have laughs whilst you watch Clyde and Seamore try and get to the head of the class. They will also be joined by Opie Otter to add to your amusement.
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Infinity Falls

Prepare to be soaked when you climb above your raft and reach peak excitement on this ride. You will ride around surprise geysers, flowing fountains and amazing waterfalls with your raft mates. You will then experience roaring rapids (hang on) which will send you through thrilling chutes before plunging you down a huge trop into whitewater. You can dry off in our the family sized dryers.
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A total must to experience Orlando’s only floorless roller coaster. The roller coaster was born from tales that struck terror in sailors for centuries and this mythological beast was unleashed from the depths of the sea. As you ride at fast speed of heights more than 150 feet, your feet will dangle from the open-sided seats.
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Feel like a manta ray when you glide, skim and spin on this flying roller coaster. You will experience a head first, face-down inverted nose dive.. and that’s just the start. You will then feel the full force of riding on the high seas, but all on one of the smoothest tracks in the world.
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Journey to Atlantis

Experience this amazing flume ride/roller coaster hybrid. You will be in for a treat as you explore dark, watery passageways throughout the sunken city. You will then be flung from its gates and will plunge into the waters below.
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Antartica: Empire of the Penguin

Welcome to Antartica and see 5 different species of penguins. You can see this penguin colony above and below their icy world. You can watch these cute penguins waddling around in snowy environments or gliding under water in this expansive habitat. If you feel the cold bring a long sleeved top with you.
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Manatee Rehabilitation Area

A must see! Learn how SeaWorld rescue and rehabilitate these vulnerable animals. Behind the scenes of the park is a five acre rehabilitation centre that is used for animals that have been ill, injured or orphaned. SeaWorld have provided a guided tour for years, however, a small part of the rehabilitation centre has now been opened for complimentary viewing to all park guests. You can learn of the problems that manatee populations are experiencing and see rescue footage provided by the SeaWorld Animal Rescue Team.
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Shark Encounter

Enter into one of the world’s largest underwater viewing tunnels. You can experience a close-up, rare viewing of these prehistoric predators. Their ancestors dominated the sea before dinosaurs walked the Earth.
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Turtle Trek

Enter this 3D 360 degree theatre and learn how you can make a difference to saving this vulnerable sea turtle in the wild. Once they are hatched on the beach, they make a mad dash to the open waters which obviously hold dangers. Once matured they will head back to the same beach to lay their own eggs. Learn about the incredible journey these animals experience throughout their lives.