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Disney's Magic Kingdom is just a 20 minute drive from our Luxury Champions Gate Villa. The original theme park opened in Walt Disney World consists of 6 areas known as lands as follows:

  • Main Street U.S.A
  • Adventureland
  • Frontierland
  • Fantasyland
  • Liberty Square
  • Tomorrowland

We are also delighted to include below a link from Million Mile Secrets with tips and advice for families travelling with children who have disabilities or medical needs, some great advice can be found at:

Listed below are just some of the many top attractions within Disney's Magic Kingdom :
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Pirates of the Carribean

Take a boat ride back in time to the days when pirates ruled the Caribbean. Pirates of the Caribbean is an Audio Animatronics ride including Captain Jack Sparrow, engaging in swashbuckling mayhem. This is shorter than the Disneyland version of the ride, but it’s still great fun for guests of all ages but be aware that the gunfire and some areas of darkness might scare really young children. Pirates of the Caribbean contains great detail, loads of characters, a catchy tune, and lines usually aren’t too long as this is a high capacity ride. Do this one whenever.
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Space Mountain

Space Mountain is a roller coaster through outer space. Cool theming includes a blast-off tunnel, and music to enhance the experience. There are also some interesting post show scenes in space, and games in the queue to keep you entertained while you wait in line. Space Mountain has a 44″ height requirement and is entirely in the dark so plan accordingly if you have kids. Space Mountain is a FastPass+ attraction, and it’s highly recommended that you utilize FastPass+ for it or that you prioritize Space Mountain early in the morning or late at night.
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Wishes fireworks display is a magical way to end your day at Magic Kingdom. Picking a spot on Main Street with the fireworks exploding behind Cinderella Castle is the bast place to be. Do be sure to arrive early to watch the Celebrate the Magic pre show on the stage at Cinderella's castle which is in itself a very good show. You can use a Fastpass+ to gain access to a dedicated viewing spot but there are better spots available if you get there early enough.
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Main Street Electrical Parade

Magic Kingdom's night time electical parade is a mainstay of Magic Kingdom. Now rather dated but still amazing to see all the lighted parade floats moving through the Magic Kingdom. At peak times the parade is operated twice nightly with the second time normally much less busy.
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Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion is a slow moving dark ride that is home to just under a thousand happy haunts that are dying to meet you. Haunted Mansion ghosts are the more jovial, singing type, so it shouldn’t startle young children, but it is dark. This is another attraction that you can do whenever.
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Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain is a water based log flume ride although compared to other log flume rides you will not get very wet. Featuring a story from Disney’s Song of the South film, and climaxes with a big drop into the briar patch. Great Audio Animatronics in the buildup to the big drop. Minimum height is 40″ and the final drop is the only scary bit. FastPass+ is recommended for this one, or be here very early in the morning.
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Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Newly refurbished runaway mine train rollercoaster ride through the barren landscape of the Old West. Hang onto your hats and glasses, because Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is “the wildest ride in the wilderness!” You can use your FastPass+ here but the lines move pretty quickly so best to save for something else or do it relatively early or late at night.
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Enchanted Tales with Belle

A real life character experience in New Fantasyland, the draw of this attraction really depends upon the guests. Everyone will be impressed by the technology utilized in it, but only small children and their parents are likely to enjoy the actual experience. For some kids really into Disney this attraction will be the highlight of the trip. Typically one of the attractions with a very long wait times in the Magic Kingdom, and using FastPass+ for it is highly recommended.
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Mickey's PhilharMagic

A 3D montage short film mostly from Disney's extensive archives tied together with Donald Duck. Children of the 90s are sure to love this film, but really, anyone should enjoy it. We recommend this one as an escape from afternoon heat. Definitely don’t use FastPass+ on it.
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Jungle Cruise

Another boat ride journey through the rivers of Adventureland encountering hippos, lions, and piranhas, among other animals and natives. Humerous boat captains although some can be very corny. It is highly skipper-dependent. If you get a poor skipper, this could be a 4/10 ride–our 8.5 rating assumes a good skipper. Do this somewhat early in the day, but not first thing. Don’t waste FastPass+ on it.